TITAN: Dedication to Dr. Forest Tennant

Forest Tennant
(L to R) Keynote speakers: Kevin L. Zacharoff, MD, Michael E. Schatman, PhD, and Stephen J. Ziegler, PhD, JD, congratulate Forest Tennant after he received the PainWeek 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Forest Tennant was my physician and mentor; and a dear friend. He retired last weekend after serving his patients faithfully for 50 years. He is beloved and he is missed.
We’d like to dedicate Maine/N.H.’s small “Don’t Punish Pain” rally to him 
We love you like family, Dr. Tennant. You saved so many of us all at one time or another and gave us clarity and courage in lives that lived in shadow. Thank you for giving us direction and hope and doing more to further pain management – and our individual cases – than anyone ever has before or will again since. You welcomed us to be outraged after being abused for years by Medical Establishment and taught us to listen to our bodies and be our own best advocates.
You’ve helped create a Movement by being the Physician of astute observation, context and perspective, science and integrity whose call to uphold the Hippocratic oath is pure and driven.
We’ll be forever grateful. Thank you for so many years of dedication and service. I wish I were there to give these words their due, to celebrate the vibrant career you’ve had and the compassionate care you and Miriam delivered like a caress after so much pain.
Your Legacy is Untarnished.
All of our love to you both.

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