Pain Patients in Agony, Physicians Persecuted, Safe Remedies Vilified: Your Medical Freedoms are Under Threat


I’m staging a protest, part of a national collaboration, to support pain patients and physicians Dec. 2 in Portland, Maine.

I’m taking the Federal Government to task and fighting for pain patients’ right to pain management and a physician’s right to practice medicine without fear of retribution from authorities.

I’m taking them to task for bad science and fear-mongering and intentionally misleading the public.  I’m taking them to task for public health policies that not only are NOT solving the “opioid epidemic,” but adding an entirely new population of innocents to the body count.

The numbers of disabled and dead chronic pain patients is about to explode due to smear-campaigns and Draconian overreach targeting some of the best pain specialists in the country.

The torture and death of patients is about to become its own epidemic following last week’s prosecution of one well-respected physician for murder and DEA’s smear-campaign of the foremost intractable pain specialist in the country.

And it’s even about to get worse for patients who have been able to titrate off opioids altogether and solely utilize Kratom, a relative of the coffee plant.  The DEA, in tandem with the FDA, have instituted a campaign against the botanical in spite of overwhelming evidence as to the safety and efficacy of the leaf- even as its touted by physicians, public policy advocates and other scientists as a potential solution to the opioid problem.

I’m taking them to task for medical genocide.

We must retain patient access not only to life-sustaining opioids, but to safer, more effective botanical alternatives including cannabis and Kratom.

To prevent more mass suffering and death.

I will have someone read the names of physicians who have been persecuted, in several categories, based upon the amount of damage they’ve incurred; loss of medical licenses, reputations, practices and liberty…the unfathomable, irreparable harm to those doctors heinously charged with murder and manslaughter…and the farce of finding them guilty.

Not to mention the widespread psycho-social wound it will leave between physicians and patients, a sacrosanct trust until the widespread Government Prosecution of pain doctors.

I’ll also be reading the names of the patients who have committed suicide, living and then dying in agony, after being forced to titrate down or off opioids; though the numbers of the dead and the dying and the crimes against this vulnerable population won’t reflect all those who have died of cardio-adrenal complications…or those who have been committed to institutions with pain-induced dementia.

Ironic that these deaths could be logged as one of the opioid-related deaths instead of the actual causes. Fear. Indifference.

And some pain patients aren’t going to like what I’m about to say…and I get it…I was there once too…because legitimate pain patients have been relentlessly treated like criminals and have suffered a worse fate than those people who have Substance Use Disorder but are stigmatized as “addicts.”

Finding the stories of pain patients who have turned to the streets in a desperate search for medication will be important. They will be mothers and fathers, friends and neighbors; otherwise upstanding citizens and patients who had been successfully controlling the pain of devastating chronic illnesses for decades.

They will have had a measure of functionality due to those life-sustaining opioids…parenting, community involvement and careers.  I want to hear from patients who had lives before the CDC Guidelines brought the world down around us.

I want to hear the stories of those who have overdosed and died from illicit substances after turning to the streets in order to the direct result of a forced downward titration or absolute abandonment by Medical Establishment.

Those stories will be an important bridge between pain patients and those substance abuse disorder patients in recovery.

Pain patients, physicians and those in recovery must band together.

That is what the Alliance is all about.

Taking our power, helping each other and tearing down the walls that would divide our efforts. We want the same things.

We need each other.

We must realize that we’re all in this together. There is no “us” versus “them.”

*America* needs to realize that we’re all in this together…before it’s too late.


-Kelly Merrill

Founder and Executive Director
Chronic Pain Advocacy Alliance


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